Damon PS2 Pro emulator returns to Google Play

The DamonPS2 Pro Emulator is back on Google Play. It remains paid as usual and costs $ 29.99. The new text in the application store makes it clear that the emulator works best on Android devices with processors like Snapdragon 835 or higher.

The new text also talks about the free version, which will be released in February.

check out:

Until February 15, 2018, we will release the free version of DamonPS2 (currently not available). The differences between free and paid versions include: insert ads, save game progress, support game joysticks, support 1080p / 720p rendering (3x ~ 5x PS2 resolution), support cheat codes and export saved game process.

Note that they were careful to remove all screenshots and that video by emulating God of War. But DamonPS2 Pro remains in the “gray” area of the app store.

It is not possible to tell if the emulator will stay on Google Play. Because the situation with the PCSX2 group is still not fully resolved. Did not understand? Learn more about this.

On the Google Play emulator page itself, the author of DamonPS2 Pro makes it clear that all PS2 games, rooms, and bios belong to Sony. Something that may also mean that at any time Sony can strike and take the emulator off the air.

The DamonPS2 Pro novel continues.

Emulator Link on Google Play

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