Cyber ​​Hunter (Project Battle): NetEase will relaunch its “Futuristic Fortnite”

Cyber ​​Hunter (Project Battle): NetEase will relaunch its "Futuristic Fortnite"

NetEase Games has not given up on Project Battle, a futuristic Battle Royale game that bears similarities to Fortnite. The producer reshaped the game and it will be released in a new beta test on October 19 (including in Brazil) with a new name: Cyber Hunter.

Yes, the game very much by name. First was “Quantum Special” (量子 特 攻) later turned Project Battle and now Cyber Hunter. The purpose of these name changes and redesignations in gameplay is to make the game unique, but also to evade potential plagiarism charges.

Cyber ​​Hunter (Project Battle): NetEase will relaunch its "Futuristic Fortnite"

Despite remembering Fortnite in gameplay, Cyber Hunter is part of that arm of NetEase that bets on, just being inspired by the competition, not copying it blatantly. It worked out with Creative Destruction. Despite the criticism, the game manages to surf in the wave of Fortnite, without being too similar.

Cyber Hunter will follow the same formula, but with a more futuristic footprint. When the game arrived as Project Battle in May of 2018, it was bugged and with many problems. Let’s see if the NetEase team tuned the game for this new beta.

One of the main mechanics differences of Cyber Hunter is the ability to climb walls to escape from enemies or do anything else. This opens a new range of strategy to be assembled during battles.

Gameplay at the time the game is called Project Battle.

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