Crossover shows that a “Street Fighter V Mobile” would be Coming Soon

Crossover shows that a "Street Fighter V Mobile" would be Coming Soon

Street Fighter V’s Crossover in Power Ranger: Legacy Wars ( Android and iOS ) shows that a mobile version of Street Fighter V could be produced.

Let’s get serious here. Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition ( Android and iOS ) Everyone laughed a bit (even nervous) of the “2010” graphics of Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition.

The game of CAPCOM rams in gameplay, but disappoints in the visual. After all, visual 2D with 480p resolution in a fighting game of 2018 is something at least to find it strange.

Okay, I even accepted that reality until I saw the appearance of the Street Fighter V characters in Power Ranger: Legacy Wars.

For those who do not know, Power Ranger: Legacy Wars is a card game disguised as a fighting game. Well, “ruizinho,” I must admit, and the graphics never enchanted me.

But the Crossover with Street Fighter V shows the potential of the game. The “dolls” are very similar to the PC version and Ps4, except of course the reduction in the number of filters applied.

The models in Power Ranger: Legacy Wars are clearly reduced, but still, reminiscent of the original game. So much so that it’s clear that Capcom ceded the assets to way to do the crossover.

You can not be sad about Capcom’s handling of Street Fighter on the mobile. Street Fighter IV CE is just a compensation after years of slouching with the game on iOS and Android. And Puzzle Fighter? Do I need to comment on that disappointment?

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