CrossFire: Legends will be the “Free Fire” of Tencent Games?

CrossFire: Legends will be the "Free Fire" of Tencent Games?

CrossFire: Legends is available on Singapore Play. We tested the game firsthand and let’s see if it will be a worthy competitor for “Free Fire”.

To leave the comparison fair, nothing to analyze the game in powerful devices. We tested CrossFire: Legends on a modest, Moto G1, a cell phone from 2013. Why? To see if the game will have even potential to be a “Light Battle Royale”.

Take care of you “Free Fire”

Rumors grow and it seems that Tencent will even bring CrossFire: Legends to the West. The game will be the western version of CrossFire Mobile, a hugely successful game in China, released in 2015.

CrossFire Legends is currently in testing in Singapore, but any player with VPN can download the game and test. After downloading, you do not even have to use VPN.

CrossFire: Legends will be the "Free Fire" of Tencent Games?

Tencent’s game in the main feature is quite light. Its other strength is to be quite complete, since CrossFire: Legends has two modes: one in the best “Counter-Strike” style and the other in the “Battle Royale” style.

Thus, the title unites, in a single game, the two types of gameplay that most online game fans enjoy.

But CrossFire: Legends is “light”?

Answering the question, CrossFire: Legends is lightweight but not quite as light as Free Fire. The game runs with some lags in the Moto G1. It does not bother you, but you may notice slowness at times.

CrossFire: Legends will be the "Free Fire" of Tencent Games?

But whoever owns any smartphone produced in 2014, that is, handsets with four years of age will certainly run the game without problems. CrossFire: Legends weighs about 220 MB and has an additional download of 200 MB.

The extra bundle of data is explained by the various game modes. As stated above, the game has the Battle Royale mode, but besides it, there is also a PvP mode, full of maps, in the best “Counter-Strike” style.

First or third person

CrossFire: Legends already comes with features that players expect in many other Battle Royale games. One is the first person mode.

As the original game was first-person, for the development team it was very easy to put the mode with that point of view.

In addition, the game comes a full Battle Royale mode. We have vehicles, various guns, “doors” (!) And multiplayer for up to 120 players.

Coming to fill a gap

As far as we play, CrossFire: Legends has everything to be a lightweight Battle Royale, and it seems that Tencent will bring the game to the West with this proposal.

CrossFire: Legends will be the "Free Fire" of Tencent Games?

The shootout is accurate and the controls respond quickly. It all points out that Tencent will bring CrossFire Mobile to the West to fill the gap left by PUBG Mobile in the most modest handsets. However, the game is still not as light as Free Fire, which even runs on smartwatches.

CrossFire: Legends still has no scheduled release date, but for sure, it will be a game that will be very successful with the Brazilian public. And you, what do you think? Does the game still have space or was it late in the battle of the “Battle Royale”?

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