Crossfire Legends may be released at the end of May

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Many sources are pointing out that Crossfire Legends can be released later this month. The game may arrive this week (25) or the next.

Before any speculation, you need to explain the existing CrossFire Mobile versions. There are currently three versions of the game in operation.

There is the Chinese version, Crossfire Mobile (published by Tencent); the Vietnamese version (licensed by VNG); and the English version of Tencent that is in tests in Singapore.

Of those three versions, the one that is being considered for launch in the West is that of Singapore, since it has already been confirmed that it has servers also in Canada.

The supposedly official page of the game on Facebook also considers the possibility of launching at the end of May. But there has not yet been any kind of announcement or press release.

It’s also strange that the iPhone version is not yet in testing. Before any Android fan get the reviews, it is worth remembering the strong presence of Apple devices in Canada and USA.

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