CODE Z: How to Download and Play without registering (APK)

CODE Z is the new TNYOO game, the same as Legion of King ( Heroes Unleashed ). See how to download and play on Android, without having to register. CODE Z is highly sought after because of its resemblance to Left 4 Dead.

This tip is ideal because many players are not able to do it on

The tip that we are going to pass here is simple and very easy to do. However, it takes patience because the game servers are full.

The game was not released in its final version. What is happening is the CBT (closed beta sub).

How to download CODE Z on Android

To download CODE Z on Android phone just go to the TapTap website and download the game. To download, you must have the TapTap application installed on your smartphone.

Link to Download APK

How to play CODE Z

CODE Z drew a lot of attention from players because of their similarities with Left 4 Dead. Also, this game is all in English. The option to change the language appears soon after starting the game.

After downloading the game and giving the permissions he asks for. You will need to download the additional content of plus or minus 1.2 GB.

To play CODE Z, all you have to do is tap the location indicated in the screenshots below to create a standard account and test the game. No need to enter anything.

However, this login (as well as the account holder) usually fails because of the distance of the servers, and because they are full.

So you have to keep trying by tapping the middle of the menu until the game starts.

Step by step

CODE Z: How to Download and Play without registering (APK)
Tap here to create an account automatically.
When this error occurs, just skip and try again.
Touch here to retry until you reach the game.
The server icon will turn green, indicating that it worked.
Close the warning window.
Now, just play!

Link to Download APK

Developer: TNYOO 
Advertising: No | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.4 
Language: English | Size: 2.2 GB

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