Chromer Reaches Its 2.0 Version Calling Itself Lynket

Chromer Reaches Its 2.0 Version Calling Itself Lynket

One of the most interesting browsers in the Android ecosystem has made a radical change. Chromer has changed its name to Lynket due to the arrival of its version 2.0, but it is not the only modification it has suffered. Now it is a much more complete app than ever and that has been passed to a beautiful Material Design that optimizes better all the novelties in its characteristics.

Lynket Browser (previously Chromer)
Lynket Browser (previously Chromer)

Chromer caught the attention of the world thanks to be a free tool that pulled the custom tabs of Chrome to be used from any app. Something that allowed us a much faster and more comfortable navigation. The problem is that this feature is no longer a rare one . For this reason it has been reborn as Lynket, a tool that collects what was planted before and that adds a few novelties along the way to continue evolving .

The first thing that comes to mind is the always stylish Material Design in action. We have three main navigation tabs in which we will occupy our time: a main screen with recent links and a search bar of our own, one with active tabs and another screen with our history, as well as the possibility of browsing incognito.


We still have what Chromer popular made, such as bookmark synchronization or login information, but now it has improved in a lot of other fields. Pages load faster than ever and we can use shortcuts to these links in the form of floating bubbles. In addition, we have a whole world of personalization possibilities in the webs that we open through Lynket: a way to read without distraction, the possibility of activating AMP, the customization to our taste of the colors, the opening animation of links … Let it not be said that we lack options.

Lynket is a fantastic tool totally free, without advertising and Open Source that will give us a cable to surf the Internet. It is difficult to find a better navigation alternative that has so many options and helps us organize our links.

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