Check out the First Images of the New Digimon for Mobile

Check out the First Images of the New Digimon for Mobile

A few days ago we talked about Digimon ReArise, a new mobile RPG based on the franchise created by Akiyosi Hongo. After his official announcement, there were few details about him, a fact that left the community with many questions. Fortunately, its creators decided to clarify some by releasing the first images of the game and sharing new details.

Through the official website of Digimon ReArise, Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that it will be available in the App Store and Google Play. He also pointed out that he will present new characters designed by Katsuyohi Nakatsuru, who must face a mysterious spiral that endangers the real world and the digital world. Finally, he mentions that it is an adventure in which the coaches will take care of and train their Digimon.

Along with this information, Bandai Namco released the Digimon ReArise logo and its first 2 captures. As you will see, there will be Digimon as Agumon, Elecmon, and Dorumon. This means that players will find classic creatures and some newer creatures.

On the other hand, the second image shows us the Digimon people and some of the creatures that inhabit it. Apparently, this is where you can interact with your Digimon and develop a deeper friendship with him.

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What did you think of the images? Do you think Digimon ReArise is an interesting concept? Tell us in the comments.

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