CD Projekt Red creates new studio focused on Mobile Games

CD Projekt Red released their new studio, Spokko. The development focus, the new “arm” of the creator of The Witcher series, will be games for mobile phones, specifically Android and iOS.

This is not the first time that CD Projekt Red intends to launch games for mobile. However, Spokko’s goal will be to create new IPs for the audience who likes to play on the phone.

The leaders of the studio will be Maciej Weiss and Rafal Staszewski; the two who co-launched the idea for CD Projekt Red. According to the publisher, which also owns the brand, the studio owns a majority stake in Spokko shares. The remainder of the company’s shares will be divided among “key personnel” in the new studio.

CD Projekt has already ventured into mobile with The Witcher Battle Arena (Android and iOS), The Witcher: Adventure game (Android and iOS) and The Witcher: Crimson Trail (Java). Is it going now?

Source: VGR

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