Capcom Discounts ‘Monster Hunter Freedom Unite’ by 74% for a Limited Time

Capcom Discounts 'Monster Hunter Freedom Unite' by 74% for a Limited Time

Capcom Discounts 'Monster Hunter Freedom Unite' by 74% for a Limited TimeToday is a good day for Capcom news. After updating Ghost Trick for iOS 11 and iPhone X, Capcom has a big spring sale on for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise has been across multiple systems over the years. I got the franchise on the 3DS but always wanted to play the older games as well. When Monster Hunter Freedom Unite[$3.99] released on iOS, it was a no-brainer purchase. It is now down to just $3.99 from $14.99 on the App Store which is 74% off and the historic lowest price for this game. It is also a fully premium release with no hidden costs or in-app purchases. Freedom Unite is actually an enhanced and expanded release to Monster Hunter Freedom 2 which was based on the second mainline Monster Hunter game that never released outside Japan. Watch the trailer for the iOS release below:

The iOS version was broken for a bit but Capcom actually went and fixed all the issues. I’ve been playing it quite a bit outside the house because the last few weeks have been a Monster Hunter blur for me with the amount of time I’ve put into Monster Hunter: World. It has been fun revisiting older entries in a franchise I love.

If you’ve been seeing everyone talk about Monster Hunter: World but wanted to check out the franchise on a portable, this is your cheapest option. Read our review for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS here and check out the forum thread here. Hopefully, Capcom releases another Monster Hunter game on iOS at some point or even localizes the currently Japan-only Monster Hunter Stories.

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