Brawl Stars Removes Ads and this is not Good News

Brawl Stars Removes Ads and this is not Good News

For Reddit, Supercell has issued a statement announcing that it will remove ads from the Brawl Stars game during that week. At first it sounds like good news, but by the way, you’ll understand why it is not.

Supercell decided to remove the ads so as not to give players double rewards. With ads, the game economy tended more to “Free” than to “pay,” and it seems the company saw it as “wrong.”

Check the statement.

“We’ve put the Reward Doublers in the Brawl Stars for about four months and since then we have tested if they have a place in the game. Unfortunately, it does not look like that. The ads added some complications to the pace of the game’s progression and economy. Lastly, we would need additional changes to the game design for the ads to work.We feel that the focus of the team is better spent on developing amazing content. “

“For these reasons, we made the decision to remove ads from Brawl Stars. Thanks for helping us test them. This amendment will take effect very soon this week. “

The bounty rewards allowed players to quickly collect and evolve their brawlers, the characters in the game.

We can conclude that Supercell made a lasting test (four months) of what would be if Brawl Stars were a more free game, to try to adapt to the new reality of online games like the Battle Royale (with cosmetic purchases only). However, the idea does not seem to have avenged and will continue to bet on the monetization model that already makes success in other games of the company.

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