Brawl Stars: Global launch in December on Android and iOS

Supercell is preparing the global launch of Brawl Stars for December 2018. The mobile game will arrive simultaneously on Google Play and the App Store.

Available in soft launch in some countries (we teach to download in advance here ), Brawl Stars came to be considered as canceled by the foreign media. The game had several changes to its monetization system, with changes in item rewards.

The top-down shooter with half MOBA footprint was initially released on soft launch on iOS in June 2017 in Canada. Then came Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong and Singapore in 2018. The soft launch was extended to Android in June 2018.

Brawl Stars is sure to be one of Supercell’s successes. Although the game arrives in a time when the general public only wants to know about Battle Royale, the game has everything to be successful.

But just like it happened as PUBG, Brawl Stars will hardly reign by itself. Several similar games already exist on Android and iOS (like Super Cats ), surely they will benefit from the release.

App Store Game Link (iPHONE)

Play link on Google Play (ANDROID)

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