Bots on PUBG Mobile: Everything you ever wanted to know

Bots on PUBG Mobile is a subject that, for the first time, Tencent addressed in the changelog of the new update. Why do they exist? Why does not the producer just eliminate it?

In fact, there are some good reasons for PUBG Mobile to have bots and you will finally understand by the end of this article.

But before we start. What is a Bot?

Bot, short for robot, is an application created to simulate human actions. You think you are a competitor in the Battle Royale arena, but in reality it is not. In the case of PUBG Mobile the bots are inserted into the game by the Tencent server itself.

Why do they do this? This is what we will try to explain below.

1st reason: to complete the number of players in a match

Bots on PUBG Mobile: Everything you ever wanted to know
Bots make starting matches quicker.

The first reason bots exist is obvious. Complete the games. Because smartphones are handsets with limited batteries, it does not make sense for the player to spend several minutes in the lobby, waiting for a match to begin.

But then you ask yourself, “Hey, but does PUBG Mobile have millions of players around the world?” Yes, but that’s where the second reason comes in.

2nd motif: learning curve

Bots on PUBG Mobile: Everything you ever wanted to know
Bots can hurt you, but it takes forever to kill someone.

For those starting out, it takes time to master the touch interface. Beginner players are overly punished in traditional shooting games (no links, leagues or a similar system). Tencent’s solution was to add links and bots.

If you repair well, when you start the game with a new account, the first game will be full of bots. Just like all matches in the bronze rank. But as you evolve, the amount of bots decreases. In the Diamond and Conqueror ranks, bots are harder to come by.

Even so, the game still balances the matches, putting only players of similar “links” in the same match. But it may happen to you to be bronze and face gold and platinum players in the squad mode.

Tencent also seeks to ensure that in every game, players have the satisfaction of having killed at least one enemy (even if it is a bot). In competition against other games of the genre, this seems to be essential to prevent the player from getting frustrated too early and depart for a Fortnite or Knives Out.

3rd motive: make matches more balanced

Bots on PUBG Mobile: Everything you ever wanted to know
Bots help novice players learn how to aim and shoot in a real combat environment.

Some bots on PUBG Mobile have a special function, they are like a “Human Drop Air”. Their function is to make matches more balanced. For example, if you fell into a lousy spot with very bad loot, you might expect that a bot will appear with something you need like helmet 3 or ammo.

The goal here is to leave the game exciting until the end. After all, it’s no fun to get there at the end of the game literally with your hands shaking.

“How to Identify a Bot

Contrary to popular belief, bots do not jump as normal players. It simply “sprouts” out of nowhere. The bots follow the players closely and also move to the safe zone. But they do it in the most stupid way possible, walking in the open for everyone to see.

Characteristics of a bot

  • “He walks alone, does not loot, does not rescue comrades, does not heal. 
  • “He always comes running toward you, even in the open. 
  • When hit, he walks from side to side and lies on the ground. 
  • Some “die straight”, but other bots can also only be knocked out (in duo and squad mode). 
  • Shoot cadenced shots (does not give spray) and shoots usually squatting and standing. It takes a lot of time for a bot to kill you, thing of minutes. 
  • When dying most do not cause damage to your helmet and vest. 
  • The bots at the beginning of the match are always with a Thompson or Vector weapon. 
  • It comes “out of nowhere” when you’re trying to go to the safe zone. 
  • “You know where you are even if you’re after something solid, he’s already starting to shoot.
  • “Until the last update they did not go into houses, but now they come in.” However, they still do not use cars or snipers.

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