Blizzard Just Announced the 2018 ‘Hearthstone’ Wild Open Tournament Series

Blizzard Just Announced the 2018 'Hearthstone' Wild Open Tournament SeriesBlizz’ has been absolutely killing it these last few years with Hearthstone [Free] esports, and things are only getting better. This afternoon they announced the 2018 Hearthstone Wild Open, which will be a real-deal tournament entirely in the Wild format. If you missed the boat on what “Wild” is, a few years ago Blizzard introduced card rotation into Hearthstone so if you’re playing a “standard” Hearthstone game you only need to have cards from the most recent sets. “Wild” includes all Hearthstone cards, and watching games in the Wild format can be nuts.

Typically card games like Hearthstone are balanced around just making sure the meta is standard is good, leaving formats like Wild to just sort of exist in a state of broken combos and other hilarious decks. In the world of Magic the Gathering the equivalent format is “Legacy” which is stupendously broken to the point that some games can be decided based solely on who goes first. (There’s more to it than that, but, just to give you an idea of how broken combos can get.) Hearthstone’s Wild isn’t that bad, but, needless to say, watching matches will be very entertaining.

Blizzard Just Announced the 2018 'Hearthstone' Wild Open Tournament Series

Players have until February 18th to sign up to compete in your specific regional open qualifiers which will take place between February 22nd and 25th, then March 1st through 4th. The regional playoffs will be on March 7th for the US, March 9th in Asia, and March 1st in Europe. (These events will be streamed.) On March 31st, the finals will kick off at the Blizzard arena and $25,000 worth of prizes will be split between the top 8!

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