Blade & Soul Revolution Coming Soon To Android And iOS

Blade & Soul Revolution is scheduled to be released Dec. 6 in South Korea. The game is run by Netmarble and will be the first mobile version of the classic PC game. With Android and iOS versions, the new game promises giant-scale battles between 1000 players.

To demonstrate how the system that enables 500 v 500 will work, the producer prepared a video demonstrating the novelty. Check out.

In practice, there will be 1000 players online at the same time. After all, a fight on this scale requires a lot of people online. The battles will be divided into smaller groups, which when conquered can advance on the enemy map.

Blade & Soul Revolution will be a mobile game for MMORPG. It will be a game very similar to the PC version. The graphics engine is the popular Unreal Engine 4.

The gameplay system will have major, secondary missions and a major focus on history. The highlight will be the possibility to choose between many species, but a smaller number of classes: Blade Master, Destroyer, Master Force and Kung Fu Master. In addition to the wars between 500 v 500, the game will have arenas for 1v1 and 2v2.

So far, Blade & Soul Revolution is only confirmed for South Korea. But for sure, this is a game we will hear about soon.

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