Blade 2: Release Date and Possible Quitting of Action Square

Blade 2: Release Date and Possible Quitting of Action Square

A novel that has been going on for a long time. This way the launch of Blade 2: Return of Evil (Android and iOS) can be defined. The first time we talked about this game was in March 2016. It looks like now, it will finally be released, detail: only in South Korea.

Blade 2: Return of Evil received a new pre-registration, this time for the launch of the game. Check out the trailer below.

According to the official page, Blade 2 arrives this summer in South Korea, in other words, between July and August (Yeah! Asians have trouble setting a release date).

But it does not seem like the end of the novel. It’s all so badly made at the launch of this game that it does not even appear on South Korea’s Google Play, which makes it impossible for players to pre-register directly in the Google store. The link provided by the official page leads nowhere. Even the Koreans seem confused.

Blade 2 is one of the Eastern games that I saw most having problems before the release. She switched from a publisher and spent several months without any news. The delay was so great that it seems that Action Square has already started to develop the next game and left everything of Blade 2 in Kakao’s hands.

Action Square’s next game, Three Kingdoms Blade, is already underway and will be released by its old partner at 4:33.

In my “no valid opinion”, Action Square passed everything on Blade 2 to Kakao. If this is true, it is very unlikely that the game will arrive in the West.

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