Black Desert Mobile Appears on Google Play Download Now

Black Desert Mobile can now be checked out on Google Play. The Korean page of the game can already be viewed, including in Brazil. There is new information about the game. The “Closed Beta Test” (CBT) starts on the 9th and runs until February 11th. The beta test will be closed and exclusive to South Korea .

Video with CBT Trailer:

See Description of Google Play:

▶ World class MMORPG! Black Desert Mobile ◀ 
MMORPG number 1 in 100 countries! 
Feel the sensibility and touch of Black Desert on your cell phone.

▶ Book early and go get the costumes (limited edition)! ◀

▣ ▣ Game Features ▣▣▣

■ Strong action and an impressive blow 
Brilliant skills implemented in intense action 
Exciting play with an exciting blow 
The battle beyond imagination gives the past of fun.

■ The most powerful mobile graphics available 
High-quality, sophisticated graphics close to due diligence! 
Beautiful background and character of the original cell phone! 
Experience unparalleled graphics.

■ incredibly delicate and complete customization 
The operation is easy, customization is made! 
Personalization beyond mobile limitations 
You can create your own character full of personality

■ Massive content over MMORPG 
Ganoderma system that no one has tried 
Abundant content of life such as fishing, collecting, catching, logging 
Anytime, anywhere, you may feel more fun than the MMORPG.

[Black Desert Mobile Official Cafe] 
30 pearls for everyone at the official cafe!

[Black Desert Mobile Reservation Page] 
Request advance reservations now and receive multiple rewards!

Official site:

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