Best Settings For Damonps2: The Playstation 2 Emulator on Google Play

Best Settings For Damonps2: The Playstation 2 Emulator on Google Play

You should already know that the PlayStation 2 emulator, Damonps2 has been removed from Google Play. According to the developers was a problem related to one of the screenshots. Not only that. A free version of the emulator will be released on February 15th.

Before creating any theory that it would have been Sony that “overthrown” the Google Play emulator, according to the Facebook post was the team of developers of the popular PC emulator PC2, PCSX2. According to the staff of PCSX2, Damonps2 would be a recompiled version to run on Android.

The whole problem is due to the PCSX2 code license, which is GNU. To summarize, the developer of Damonps2 could not launch a paid version of his “fork” (“new” version). It was the PCSX2 team that launched a DMCA application and removed the emulator from Google Play.

The PCSX2 team clarifies that they do not have any kind of resentment with the Damonps2 developer, they just want the license rule to be fulfilled, to launch a fork (a new version) also for free.

The developers of Damonps2 defend themselves by saying that their code is 100% original and optimized for mobile platforms. Including the use of new technologies, such as Vulkan.

According to the statement via Facebook, Damonps2 will return on Google Play with compatibility with up to 90% of Playstation 2 games and with a minimum requirement of a Snapdragon 660 (middle).

As we believe, the Qualcomm 660 will be able to run all PS2 games at full frame rate (60 FPS) after one year if you are using the DamonPS2 emulator. So, I hope, more media (including the PCSX2 site) continue to cover us (..)

Sources: Facebook and PCSX2 official website .

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