Best Android Games of the 3rd Week of October

Best Android Games of the 3rd Week of October

Check out the most wanted and played Android games in the last week. Cyber Hunter, new game of Battle Royale is one of the most impressive games of the moment. It will certainly be the highlight of the month of October. Check out these and other great games to install on your phone.

Cyber Hunter

In tests on Android, Cyber Hunter also arrived in Google Play Brazil. The Battle Royale game is not just a “copy of Fortnite”. Introducing many new elements and game mechanics, Cyber Hunter positions itself as a serious competitor and shows NetEase’s potential to create new and exciting games.

Download Link on Google Play

Size: 55 MB | Language: English | Offline

Rebirth M

The open world MMORPG game first came to Brazil. In bringing the classic PC gaming experience, Rebirth M breaks free of the mobile fads and brings a game with a computer MMO face. The scenarios are vast. On a big screen, Rebirth really does look like a PC game on the phone. But fortunately, it is very lightweight, and even runs on incoming smartphones.

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Size: 1.2 GB | Language: English | Online

Badland Brawl

Coming directly from the Badland company, Brawl is a different game than expected. It is more for a mix of Angry Birds and Clash Royale. Two (or four) players face each other in an arena, where one must destroy the other’s tower. The animations are very cool and the highlight is the physics system where it is not enough to “play the troops” you have to hit the targets.

Download Link on Google Play

Size: 71 MB | Language: English | Offline

Glory Ages – Samurais

Glory Ages - Samurais

In this game, a samurai must defeat all enemies in visceral combat. The graphics are very beautiful. The system of the game is in phases, each of them, the quantity and variety of enemies increases. In some scenarios you can find very difficult bosses.

Download Link on Google Play

Size: 73 MB | Language: English | Offline

Candy Crush Friends

Matching games are on mobile phones from the cradle of pocket gambling. Candy Crush got a bit rusty and old-fashioned look over the years. Friends arrives as a welcome renewal for the franchise. New animations, and characters that have special abilities to make the stages easier. A simple and fun offline game to relax and pass the time.

Download Link on Google Play

Size: 80 MB | Language: English | Offline

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