Bayonetta 1 and 2 Guides and Tips – The Best Techniques to Master

Bayonetta 1 and 2 Guides and Tips - The Best Techniques to Master

Don’t know how to spend your halos? Let’s start with these techniques.

So you’re a Bayonetta noob, huh? If you’ve just picked up Bayonetta 1 +2 on Nintendo Switch then you might be wondering what techniques you need in order to take your game from low-score to pro-score, right?

Well, we’ve put together a list of essential techniques for you to practice and master so you can become a Bayonetta professional.

There are some tricky techniques to master here, but be vigilant you’ll soon be slapping about angels like a witch in Paradiso.


Air Dodge

This one is pretty self explanatory, right? In Bayonetta you can keep air combos going for ages, and as such, you’ll eventually need to dodge your enemies, too.

The Air Dodge simply activates the ability to dodge in the air. Simple right? It doesn’t sound essential, but when you factor in this is the only way to activate Witch Time when airborne, well, you need it.


Bat Within

This is more of a passive skill than anything. If you dodge a little too late, Bat Within will mitigate damage and still activate Witch Time.

This makes the hunt for those Pure Platinum medals much easier, as you’re not allowed to get hit while hunting for those.

In general this, along with the Air Dodge, is one of the most essential techniques in the game.


Crow Within

This isn’t quite as essential, unless you want to hunt down all of the extras that Bayonetta has to offer. Crow Within is a transformation, like the other Within skills, and this one allows you to fly.

This is great for extending air combos in certain scenarios, but more importantly, you can use it to hunt down special areas that can only be reached with flight.

These areas can contain hidden treasure chests, fights and trials, so they’re well worth hunting down.



If you’re a badass gun-toting gal, then Breakdance will be an essential part of your arsenal, as it’s all about pure style.

With guns strapped to all limbs and Breakdance unlocked, you can hold ZR to spin around on the floor, shooting bullets in every direction and taking down enemies.

It looks incredibly flashy and Bayonetta even poses for the camera at the end of her bullet barrage. If you’re using the guns primarily, this is a great move to use.



Stiletto allows you to close distance while doing big damage. Once purchased, it can be used by double tapping forward and pressing punch. Bayonetta will fly towards her opponents, allowing you to keep the damage up in your combos.

Of course it’s a great move to use with your standard guns, but different weapon types will also make big changes to how the move works.

Try the move out while using different weapons to see the different effects. They’re all incredibly flashy, and some are better at hitting multiple opponents than others, so depending on your preference, those weapons could make a good second set to switch between.


Dodge Offset

The Dodge Offset is one of the more unusual techniques in the game, as unlike others you can purchase at the Gates of Hell, this one is not listed. In fact, there’s no tutorial either – but it’ll certainly come in handy if you can master it.

The Dodge Offset is an advanced techniques which can be performed by holding down either a punch of a kick attack while dodging, and then releasing the button and continuing your combo straight after the dodge.

This essentially allows you to dodge mid-combo, and then continue your combo immediately after. If you’re doing certain combos to summon Wicked Weaves and keep getting interrupted, this is one of the best ways to ensure you can retain the progress you’ve made.

It’s a tough one, but keep practising the Dodge Offset and it’ll soon become ingrained in your muscle memory.


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