Bayonetta 1 and 2 Guides and Tips – For Pure Platinum Medals and Better Scores

Bayonetta 1 & 2 are finally on Nintendo Switch, allowing a brand new generation of players to enjoy the chaotic battles of the Umbra Witch.

But what even veteran players will find difficult is achieving all of those Pure Platinum Medals. That’s the real challenge!

In order to get Pure Platinum you need to be of the highest skill, but even if you’re not quite a master, these tips will still help you get ratings and trophies way better than Stone rank at least!


Essential techniques

You probably already know that you can buy techniques from Rodin in the Gates of Hell. What you might not know is that a few of these techniques are pretty essential to getting the best scores in the game.

Depending on whether you’re playing the original or the sequel, different techniques may already be unlocked, or might be unlocked after story mode progression, but you should certainly consider techniques such as Bat Within and Crow Within essential.

In fact, almost all of the techniques have their own important uses, but for the immediate future, focus on passive skills and defensive boosts. Bat Within is particular makes the window for Witch Time much more generous.



If you want those Pure Platinum medals, you’re gonna need to not be touched. At all. Not even once.

Your dodges will have to be on point and your offense will have to brutal yet measured so you don’t get side-swiped.

Certain Alpheim or Muspelheim trials will require you to never get hit, so even if you’re not aiming for Pure Platinum, this is still the goal.


Wombo combo

Don’t drop that combo. It’s tough, but there’s a few things you can do to ensure you keep your combo up constantly.

First off, gun fire is important. Always fire at enemies that are out of your reach, and then start whacking away at them. Pull out those Wicked Weaves and keep smashing away at your opponents, and then when they’re out of range pull out the guns again.

Remember that holding at attack button after hitting will make the guns on that limb fire off. Shotguns are good for damage in this scenario, but pistols are better for getting that combo number up.


No items

You lose some health? Well suck it up, because you’re not using at item. Nope, not even one.

Using items in chapters counts as part of a death, and will remove points from your overall total.

So no health items, no magic recovery items. Equipped accessories won’t affect things, though.


Find every fight

Just going through each stage won’t actually lead you to each battle, certain fights are merely hidden around a corner, and others require more investigation.

For example, you’ll need to find and finish the Alpheim and Muspelheim trials, all of them, and get good scores.

Some other fights aren’t hidden in portals, and while climbing up Fimbulventr in Bayonetta 2 you may find a couple getting lovey-dovey on a bench. Destroying the bench and breaking up the union will bring down angels. Cheeky!


If at first you don’t succeed…

So you messed up, huh? Don’t worry, if you want those Pure Platinum medals that badly then you can quit to title screen. The game will take you to a checkpoint before your last fight, or “Verse”.

This way no matter how many times you get struck down, you can get back up again. Good luck!


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