Available The Sims Mobile New Installment of the Saga for Android

How To Play The Sims Mobile On PC, Android and iOS For Free
After several months as a soft launch, The Sims Mobile is now available for Android devices globally without geographic restriction.

The Sims are still one of the most prolific EA sagas that has already tried its luck in Android with the so-called The Sims FreePlay, 2011. Six years have been slow to update its proposal for mobile devices with The Sims Mobile , visually almost the pair that the last official deliveries and with enough novelties like to consider it a worthy revision.The Mobile Sims are now officially available globally

The Sims Mobile offers, so to speak, the best “Sim” experience to date in a mobile terminal . In addition to a monstrous editor of characters that allows us to modify the appearance of our personashims to the last detail, the development of the game will allow us to carry out most of the saga’s characteristic actions even in its latest iterations, that is: design our house to the last detail and improve it with new functional or decorative elements, establish relationships with the people of the neighborhood, look for work and be able to visit places in our environment in which to socialize and, in short, manage the virtual life that the EA saga sells us.

Die Sims™ Mobile
Die Sims™ Mobile
Price: Free+

As is natural, we will have to take care of the different needs of our character by managing the maximum number of actions we can take throughout the day before falling faint. Our ability to increase the productivity of our day to day is the key to success, in addition to the amount of funds available in our portfolio, which we can increase by working, fulfilling the missions that are entrusted to us or, naturally, going through box through the own in-game store of all self-respecting Freemium game.

Another interesting detail of this version is that our Sims really age and can have offspring, so that at the end of their life cycle (die, come), we will have at our disposal an “inheritance” that we can apply to their offspring and that they will grant them a series of additional benefits, so that the gaming experience can extend as much as we want.

The Sims Mobile has been launched at an international level, It is now available for download in APK format , being able to install and play the game without any geographical limitation.

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