Asphalt 9 Legends: 9 things to know about the game for Android and iOS

Asphalt 9 Legends: 9 things to know about the game for Android and iOS

Gameloft revealed on Monday (26) the new version of its main racing game. Asphalt 9 Legends will be the evolution of Asphalt 8, one of the biggest hits of the producer. The responsibility is great, but the new game will come with new modes, clans and new mechanics. Know everything!

– Why do you always go to the iPhone before? And why always in the Philippines?

Amazing! This is already the fifth Gameloft game released first in Soft Launch in the Brazil and there are still people who are strange.

First of all, Soft Launch does not mean that the game “SAIUUUU” (this is a Youtuber thing). Soft Launch means that the game is in early-release testing in a particular country. Gameloft chooses the Philippines, many other producers choose Australia, Canada and so on.

The idea behind these regional “pintado” releases is to test the game and servers before the global release.

– When does the game go out for Android?

There is no release date. Gameloft released a teaser trailer on the Soft launch, but neither does there has information on the Android version.

But most likely, the game will go out for Android as well. As is already customary of Gameloft, the possibility of the Global launch being at the same time on iOS and Android is great.

– How is the “Touch Drive” automatic mode?

The Touch Drive mode is a “semi-automatic” mode in which the car is driven by itself. According to Gameloft (on the App Store page), it exists for the player to focus on destroying the other competitors, make drift and release nitro at the exact time.

In practice, the way exists to end the frustration of hitting the car. Fortunately, you can disable this and return to normal controls (by tilting the phone or tapping the screen).

– Nitro Pulse and 360

Asphalt 9 Legends: 9 things to know about the game for Android and iOS

It seems Gameloft has created the Touch Drive mode because of the new Nitro Pulse and 360º systems. Now your Nitro has a ray of destruction and can detonate nearby competitors.

Another novelty is the 360. It is possible to perform a 360 simply by double-tapping the brake icon. This maneuver can also be performed during the nitro and has a devastating effect on the track.

– Why “Legends”?

The first name of Asphalt 9 was Shockwave (may have been for the idea of new mechanics), but the game was revealed as “Legends”. This is due to the new proposal, which bets on the interaction between players, like the Club.

The Club will be an environment where players can set up a “Clan” (a Club) to compete with other clans (clubs) in direct or indirect races. The competition may roll either live or by “points” such as who wins more races or performs more Takedowns.

– When is the Global launch?

This is information not even Gameloft Brasil employees have (if they have it, they can not divulge it). If it was to give a kick, I would say that the game arrives still this year of 2018.

– Will it be for Windows 10?

There is no confirmation of the release of Asphalt 9 for Windows 10. But apparently, the game was created in a new engine (perhaps the same as Modern Combat Versus). If this is true, it will not be an obstacle for the game to reach tablets, PCs, and notebooks with Windows 10. However, who has a smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile, can stay out of the party.

– Will it have power limiter and will it always be online?

It may be that the game is offline in the future. But at the moment, in the soft launch, Asphalt 9 is 100% online. In addition, the game has energy limiters or gasoline in the case.

– Maneire in the expectations

Asphalt 9 Legends: 9 things to know about the game for Android and iOS

Anyone who has a smartphone that is not a top-of-the-line in 2018 or 2017 (with Snapdragon 835, for example), has to lower expectations.

Remember that the videos that are rolling on the internet are Asphalt 9 running on the iPhone 8 or iPhone X. In all, you can see the connected HDR and many shaders activated at the same time.

Be careful not to have that same disappointment that happened with Modern Combat Versus. Because when this game came out, a lot of people got frustrated just because it came with several disabled effects on Android, especially HDR.

It may be that when Asphalt 9 arrives on Android, it does not come with the same look as iOS, and this can frustrate a lot of people. Then get off the hype train if your smartphone is intermediate or basic.

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