Artifact: Valve’s Card Game Released for Mobile Download Now or Register

Artifact: Valve's Card Game Released for Mobile Download Now or Register

Valve presented its new game, Artifact, in an event closed to the press. The title will be a collecting card game with DoTA characters. The game will be fully paid and will have a version for AndroidiPhone, and iPad.

It will be a very well produced title with high production value. However, it will not be a free game. It seems that the idea is to launch the game in the same style as The Lords of the Rings Living Card Game . In other words it’s a card game style, where you already buy all the cards from a one-time expansion.

So far there are 240 cards and 44 different heroes. The game is being developed in partnership with the creator of Magic: The Gathering, Richard Garfield. Valve has also announced it will host a $ 1 million world-class tournament.

Now the bad news. The game arrives at the PC only at the end of the year and the mobile version, will stay for 2019.

Hearthstone to take care!

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