Armada Interactive cancels Quantum Siege (game cost millions)

Developing a mobile game that makes global success often looks easy, but here’s a slightly different story. The Armada Interactive canceled its game strategy that would be the debut of the company in the mobile market: Quantum Siege. The game was canceled after the soft launch and cost millions of dollars to the studio.

Quantum Siege was a free-to-play game that spent a year under development and was then put on soft launch in the Philippines, Canada, and other countries in May 2017. Quantum Siege was the debut game of the Helsinki-based studio in Finland.

Quantum Siege received 14 updates before the production company decided to close the game. And it was great updates. The game has gained complete menu repagination, interface, graphics enhancement, and more.

Quantum Siege will remain accessible to players until April 30, although in-app purchases have been disabled.

“The battle is over. We are testing Quantum Siege extensively with new upgrades and improvements, but the results do not meet our expectations, “a statement from Armada Interactive tells the players.

“Then, with a heavy heart, we have to inform him of our decision to cancel the game.” He added, “This is not goodbye! We at Armada Interactive are working hard on new games. ”

Development cost dear

We live in a time when successful mobile games require years of development and are expensive. But Armada Interactive literally spent a lot of money on nothing.

In February 2017, the Navy raised US $ 10 million (around R $ 33 million) in investments to finance the development of games in the studio. Previously, it had raised $ 3 million (about $ 10 million) in an earlier round of investments in April 2016.

Game link on Android and iOS.

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