Are you angry about who plays PUBG Mobile by the emulator? I have bad news …

Are you angry about who plays PUBG Mobile by the emulator? I have bad news ...

Did you think the guys would not create a way to use keyboard and mouse in PUBG Mobile? You thought wrong!

The joy of those who imagined that they would be free of the emulator players, who use mouse and keyboard, lasted little. The X1 BattleDock from GameSir is already on the market.

This Dock allows you to attach a smartphone or tablet (it can be iPhone, iPad or Android devices ). But it is not an ordinary dock. It has Bluetooth and you can connect keyboard and mouse via USB or Bluetooth (give it anyway!).

The Dock works with both Android and iOS, has apps to map buttons and even makes that scheme hide the mouse like the Octopus. The result is an almost identical experience of playing a shooting game on PC.

The X1 BattleDock costs about $ 49 on the official Gamesir website.

The reality that brought PC games to smartphones, is the same that makes USB accessories are easily pluggable on a mobile phone. Our gadgets are literally mini-computers.

Nowadays, any Android smartphone has compatibility with OTG cables, and you can plug in mouse and keyboards and do the same gambiarra above with the app Optopus and root.

Smartphones are minicomputers

Then you must be thinking, “What a girl you gave birth to. But it’s no use! Whenever a game is very successful, the PC people will participate in the game.

I’m being sarcastic, because I’ve seen the same thing happen with Pokémon GO, Summoner War, LineAge 2 Revolution, Clash of Clans and many other games.

Unfortunately, there will always be someone who wants to take an extra advantage. Because PUBG mobile (and the like) are not pay-to-win games, the guys go for accessories to help them have more skill.

But make no mistake, a mobile player with skill, can still beat someone less skilled on the PC.

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