Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide For Leif’s Spring Flowers Event

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We’re back once again with another hot event taking place within your own personal pocket camp, and this time we’ve got Leif visiting and he wants you to get catching ladybugs.

It’s an event similar to what we saw from Lottie, but while she was serious about the music and the fashion, Leif is a flower purist, and he’s offering a bunch of floral rewards.

So if you’re an Animal Crossing Pocket Camp fan, jump back into the game now with these tips in order to make yourself the very prettiest campsite possible.

Sweet little ladybugs

Leif’s Spring Flowers Event is an awful lot like Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival, only this time the snow has thawed and we can plant a few more seasonal flowers. Head over to your garden, left of your campsite.

This time we’re attracting Ladybugs, Pink and Yellow varieties, and collecting them and growing flowers will give us a laundry list of rewards.

White Clover Seeds will grow and attract Pink Flower Ladybugs, while Yellow Sleeping Beauty Seeds will attract Yellow Flower Ladybugs. The creatures and flowers will both lead you towards unique rewards.

One thing that should be noted though, is that rarer flowers pretty much require watering now, otherwise they’re likely to stop growing. Nightmare! Check back on your plants in the garden regularly.

Seedy business

Of course in order to plant a whole bunch of flowers, you’re going to need plenty of seeds. Much like most events in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, you’ll get seeds as bonus rewards for helping out villagers and completing goals and tasks.

As before, seeds with a + on the end will grow almost instantly before your eyes, while the others will take up to three hours, though you can speed that up with fertilizer.

Lloid fertilizer will knock an hour off of growing time per flower for one Leaf Ticket, while normal fertilizer will take away half an hour per use.

Completing goals

As always, the event has brought with it a supply of Timed Goals you can complete to earn new clothing and rewards as you participate in the task.

Unfortunately it’s not the most exciting range of Goals or rewards this time. The only notable goal is one where you’re rewarded for planting seeds 20 times with Green Tartan Shorts.

Other than that though there’s plenty of materials and even Leaf Tickets to earn, just not as many unique pieces of clothing or furniture as we usually expect.

Flower trade

The Timed Goals might disappoint, but the Flower Trade never does. There’s loads of items to grab here, and here’s a full list… The ones in bold are the ones you should be aiming for!

  • White clovers x20 – Potted white clovers
  • White clovers x5 – Steel x10
  • White clovers x5 – Wood x10
  • White clovers x5 – Cotton x10
  • White clovers x5 – Preserves x10
  • White clovers x5 – Paper x10
  • White clovers x10 – Flower food x10
  • White clovers x10 – Spring flower crown
  • Yellow sleeping beauties x20 – Ptd. Y. Sleeping beauties
  • Yellow sleeping beauties x10 – Sporty essence x3
  • Yellow sleeping beauties x10 – Natural essence x3
  • Yellow sleeping beauties x10 – Cute essence x3
  • Yellow sleeping beauties x10 – Cool essence x3
  • Yellow sleeping beauties x10 – Rustic essence x3
  • Yellow sleeping beauties x10 – Hip essence x3
  • Yellow sleeping beauties x10 – Flower food x20
  • Yellow sleeping beauties x10 – Spring flower crown

The task at hand

There’s plenty of tasks for you to complete by collecting those creatures, and there’s plenty of rewards to be had from them. Get floral with some of these funky rewards… We’ve bolded the best rewards below.

  • Pink flower ladybug x3 – Floral canal
  • Pink flower ladybug x6 – Flower food x20
  • Pink flower ladybug x9 – Floral canal
  • Pink flower ladybug x12 – Leaf Ticket x5
  • Pink flower ladybug x15 – Spring flower crown
  • Pink flower ladybug x20 – Hip essence x10
  • Pink flower ladybug x25 – Cool essence x15
  • Pink flower ladybug x30 – Flower food x60
  • Pink flower ladybug x40 – Floral stepping stones
  • Pink flower ladybug x60 – Natural essence x20
  • Pink flower ladybug x70 – Shamrock Blazer
  • Pink flower ladybug x80 – Floral canal
  • Yellow flower ladybug x3 – Flower food x20
  • Yellow flower ladybug x6 – Floral canal corner
  • Yellow flower ladybug x9 – Cute essence x10
  • Yellow flower ladybug x12 – Floral canal corner
  • Yellow flower ladybug x15 – Hip essence x10
  • Yellow flower ladybug x20 – Floral stepping stones
  • Yellow flower ladybug x25 – Flower food x60
  • Yellow flower ladybug x30 – Floral canal corner
  • Yellow flower ladybug x40 – Spring flower gard. (fore)
  • Yellow flower ladybug x50 – Round spring flower bed
  • Yellow flower ladybug x60 – Leaf Ticket x20

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