Android P to be Embrace iPhone X Notch, will Support the Notch by Default

Android P to be Embrace iPhone X Notch, will Support the Notch by Default

When the iPhone X was launched initially it has grabbed the attention of many users, just because of that top notch! Now it even Google has joined up the list, Google is now planning to develop Android P by keeping the top notch in mind.

This is not a secret anymore, all the people in then tech industry know that Google has already started the development of Android P, apart from this a couple of manufacturers have already confirmed that Android P will be available for devices. According to the sources, we can see that Android P is concentrating more on Google Assistant and also on improving the battery life of the device.

To make sure that Google Assistant works flawlessly, the developers have also already started to integrate AI in their apps. It is rumored that this version of Android could be named as Pistachio Ice Cream, though this might change at the time of official launch. Google has mainly focused towards the cosmetic changes.

Apple was forced to put the notch over the top display because the technology isn’t that advanced yet where we can place all the cameras and sensors under the screen. With this new version of Android we can see many changes in the notification bar, this is a good thing because we all are pretty bored by looking at the same old status bar with time, date, battery levels etc since the past couple of years.

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