An Essential Beginner’s Guide to Shadowblood

An Essential Beginner’s Guide to Shadowblood

Shadowblood is a new action RPG that is sweeping both iOS and Android with its thrilling hack n’ slash combat. The game’s rich fantasy art style is enticing, while the core game beneath is rich and full of fun things to explore.

Before you jump in, we have a few tips to get you get started. There’s a lot for a new player to master, but we know you’re up to the challenge.

Choose a character based on your play style

Each character in Shadowblood has their own unique skillset. While you can customize which abilities your character will learn, it’s best to choose a class that will suit your desired play style from the get-go.

Choose the Assassin if you prefer dual-wielding melee characters that can deal huge amounts of damage with a high Critical Chance.

The Magician is, as you might guess, a great choice if you enjoy playing as a mage class. The magician’s specialize is ranged attack spells.

The Berserker relies on hammers to dole out lots of damage with its high Attack stat.

If you like striking from afar, the Ranger may be up to your speed, using a bow and arrow with high Penetration to wallop opponents.

Master gear upgrades ASAP

There are hundreds of ways to customize your weapons and armor, and it’s the best way to really make yourself stand out from the crowd. Save the items you win from clearing dungeons and completing challenges. You can use these to enhance your gear and create even better equipment.

On the enhancement screen, pay attention to the “Options After Enhancement” box that will tell you your new and improved item’s stats after enhancement. It’s sometimes best to play around with different combinations before spending items on an upgrade. See what you can come up with to make the best piece of armor.

Equip skills to customize your character 

Your character can equip three active skills (generally attacks that have an obvious effect in battle) and one passive skill. The skills you choose will have a big impact on the type of fighter you bring into battle. You can bring two different skill sets (A and B) into battle.

Soulstones add another layer of depth to your skills. These special items, which you can find in dungeons and challenges, provide unique upgrades to your class’s skills, allowing you to tailor your attacks to your needs. This is crucial in the higher levels of the game, so it’s best to experiment with Soulstones from the start.

You can also fuse Soulstones together for even more powerful, rare combinations.

Complete challenge modes to get rare items 

Shadowblood rewards active participants in its community with plenty of items that can be used to upgrade your skills and gear. If you want to grow truly powerful, you’ll need to complete challenge modes in addition to the story quests. These special missions will grant you rare items to upgrade your equipment.

You can supplement your challenge mode rewards with daily challenges and guild raids. Completing these quests give you participation rewards. Be sure to cash these in for exclusive items to upgrade your gear. You may even find new Soulstones, too.

And with that, you’re all set to dive into the living world of Shadowblood, where you’ll find an active community waiting to meet you. The best advice we can give is to experiment with skill combos, join a guild, and make the most of all that the game has to offer. Also be sure to check out the official Facebook page for more news and updates. Shadowblood is free-to-play on both the App Store and Google Play.

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