Alto’s Odyssey will launch on Android later than iOS

Alto’s Odyssey will launch on Android later than iOS

Alto’s Odyssey is coming to iOS as soon as February 22nd, but we’ve got bad news for Android folk. It won’t launch at the same time on our beloved platform, but in the months to come.

That’s incredibly vague and could mean it will be summer or even winter before we get our hands on it. The rumors say March but until that comes out of the developer’s mouth we won’t hold our breath.

Alto’s Odyssey will launch on Android later than iOS

What is Alto’s Odyssey, you ask? It’s the sequel to Alto’s Adventure, an absolutely stunning endless skiier set on some gorgeous mountains. You play as a shepherd who’s trying to recover his lost llama.

The sequel is set on sand dunes, rather than snowy mountains, and the developer claims that the backdrops will be much more varied than before.

There are even new tricks to pull off, rather than just a somersault. You’ll have to wait and see what the rest of the game has to offer when it finally launches on Android though. Or, just check out the official site.

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