All About PUBG Mobile (Timi) Update with Gameplay Changes

All About PUBG Mobile (Timi) Update with Gameplay Changes

The next update of PUBG Mobile: Army Attack (from Timi) will bring lots of new features to the game. The Chinese game is the barn of good ideas, which will then end in the Google Play version of PUBG Mobile. Check out all the news from the next update.

For many, the big news is the emotes. With them, players can express themselves with signs and some games.

But the main changes are even in the field of gameplay. The 8X sights will now be specific to long range rifles and can no longer be coupled into smaller weapons. This change is due to the arrival of the 3X and 6X sights.

Another change for the snipers on duty, will be the reduction of sight assistance on an object that is far away. In Timi’s next PUBG update, players will no longer be able to rely on targeting an enemy within 250 meters.

A new weapon will be added to the game: the SLR. Also known as L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle. Think of her as a Western relative of SKS. It has a greater damage capacity than the SKS, but the vertical recoil is much larger.

To finish the news, Timi’s PUBG will bring the possibility of completely revising his death (new replay). This way, the player can more easily perceive hackers in the game.

There is no update release date yet for all players. But if you want to test firsthand, check out how to download Timi’s PUBG Mobile from the official website.

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