Activision Blizzard eyeing Battle Royale success on Smartphones

Activision Blizzard eyeing Battle Royale success on Smartphones

The overwhelming and unprecedented success of games like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and Fortnite has not gone unnoticed by industry giants. In a recent report, Activision Blizzard bosses underscored the growth of the genre, and how it can bring new players.

“New battle royale modes that have recently come on the market have convincing survival mechanics and large pools of players in the game,” said Johnson, as reported by Seeking Alpha.

“They have also brought tens of millions of completely new players to their games, both on traditional platforms like console and PC, but also on mobile phones. We are very, very excited about it. ”

CEO Bobby Kotick added, “When we see people innovating in an interesting and impactful way, we are very quick to figure out how to capture inspiration from this innovation. When we see things that attract our audience, we are very good at being inspired by those. ”

Gigantic success

It’s no surprise to anyone that Battle Royale games are “printing money”. Fortnite earned $ 25 million in its first month on iOS (detail: the game was not even released in China).

PUBG Mobile remains firm and strong as the most downloaded game on the App Store from various countries. In Google Play Brazil, Free Fire is the absolute leader.

As if that were not enough, Battle Royale gaming producers such as NetEase have been so successful that they even invited the director of the movie that gave rise to “all”.

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