7 new Android Games you have to Play this Week

7 new Android Games you have to Play this Week

It seems that lightning doesn’t strike twice. Last week we had an absolutely stellar week on Android, with a bunch of awesome games to recommend. This week, not so much.

There are a few standout releases, but it’s largely filler this week. Have a little glance at the games below and see if you fancy downloading any.

The Best Bew Android game this week: Tekken – Get it

If you only have time to play one game this week, make sure it’s Tekken. This is a fully fledged entry in the fighting franchise for mobile, with all of your favourite characters, a story mode, and multiplayer.

Vainglory 5V5 – Get it

Vainglory 5V5 is a new and improved version of the hit mobile MOBA. This time you fight in, well, five versus five modes. There are even prettier visuals too.

Nitro Racing GO

Nitro Racing GO isn’t the action-packed racer you think it is. In fact, it’s a clicker. You do watch your car compete in a bunch of races, but you just spend the winnings on upgrades and new cars.

Cubor – Get it

Cubor is basically Death Squared. You have to move a bunch of blocks to a specific position in a variety of puzzling levels.


Defend the Cake – Get it

Defend the Cake is a self explanatory tower defence game. There’s a big cake and you have to place a bunch of towers to defend it from insects. It’s adorable.

Hit n’ Run – Get it

Hit n’ Run is one of those top-down endless racers, except in this one you’re endlessly running from the police. There are a bunch of different cars to unlock, which should help hold your interest.

Hostage Negotiator – Get it

Hostage Negotiator is a digital version of the board game. Your goal is to negotiate with the terrorist in order to free the hostages, and you take it in turns having a conversation with another player.

7 new Android Games you have to Play this Week

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