5 Mobile Games that made Transition to the Nintendo Switch

5 Mobile Games that made Transition to the Nintendo Switch

Mobile games are of such quality that they allow you to “venture” on other platforms. We can already find many of them on Steam, but the latest Android and iOS game house is the Nintendo Switch.

They may go unnoticed by those who are not very familiar with smartphone games, but anyone who understands just needs to browse for a few minutes in the eShop to find several of them. The “bad” part, in the view of some, is that free-to-play titles are now paid for. The best part? They get paid.

In the Switch, games mobile leave the “limitations” aside

Being paid means avoiding any “freemium” element like timers, energy systems, in-house purchases, advertisements and so on. And this is not exactly a critique of the model: they need to be monetized, and we know the difficulties of this occur in iOS and Android. But the universe of the consoles is totally different, which requires adaptations. And this is what we are going to talk about in this article: mobile games that have managed to make this transition interestingly to Switch.

5 Mobile Games that made Transition to the Nintendo Switch

A great example is Gear.Club.Unlimited ( Android and iOS ), a popular racing game that brings a middle ground between realism and arcade. The mobile edition brings, among other limiters that I mentioned earlier, a system of wear and tear in which the car loses performance with each race. The repairs take some time to complete. All this was totally removed in the Switch, What surprises, however, is the price: 45 dollars in the American store.

5 Mobile Games that made Transition to the Nintendo Switch

Raymond, one of my favorite producers of the mobile world, decided to launch 3 of his hits: musicals Deemo ( Android and iOS ) and Voez ( Android and iOS ) and hit Implosion ( Android and iOS ). Voez is a very interesting case: on iOS and Android it is a free game to download, and you should buy (with real money) keys to enable the songs. Not to mention that there is a requirement to stay connected to the internet. This not only does not exist in the Switch, but also the game is much cheaper. The final ” chain ” comes with the option of controls: touch screen or joys. I think it’s only a matter of time before Cytus 2 ( Android and iOS is also released.

5 Mobile Games that made Transition to the Nintendo Switch

Another very popular game is Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas ( Android and iOS ). The “Zelda mobile” as it is known there received ports for all current consoles but reached true success in the Switch. According to the developer herself, this version sold more than on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One combined. Perhaps the fame of resemblance to the classic Nintendo series has given a little shove, but this was a great achievement since the Switch was on the market for less time, and with a smaller installed base.

This subject was focused on mobile games, but the “indie industry” generally found a huge success in the Switch. The big island sales are not only contributing to this happening but also to further enrich the ecosystem with new titles. The list of releases only grows every day. So the next issue will be about the world of independent developers and their amazing projects. Until then!

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