5 Best Offline RPG Games for Android 2018

5 Best Offline RPG Games for Android 2018

Games offline RPGs are something increasingly rare in the mobile game universe. Before, almost a standard in the old consoles, games RPGs that run without Internet, at the moment, are more and more difficult to be found, mainly when we speak of games for cellular. But fortunately, there are still good RPG titles for Android that work without an internet connection on Google Play. So now check out our list of the best offline RPG games for Android 2018 and good fun!


[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Eternium is an exciting free offline action RPG for Android. In this 3D mobile game, you can play as a warrior, mage, mercenary and equip yourself with various weapons and special attacks to face the most diverse enemies. You can explore dungeons, caves, forests, castles, cemeteries, villages and even the moon. All characters are customizable and customizable, and the equipment has three degrees of improvement. The game is constantly updated, always implementing novelties and perfecting the gameplay. It’s a fun offline RPG of fast fighting.

Download the RPG offline game for Android, Eternium 


[Price: R $ 22,99]

Crashlands is an award-winning and acclaimed adventure RPG that can be played without internet. In this game with classic 2D graphics, you will be a space trucker who finds himself trapped on a hostile planet after having his ship stolen by an alien villain. From there, you’ll start your adventure in which you’ll have to explore the unknown planet and fabricate your own items to wipe out enemies’ plans and find your way back home. There are thousands of things to do in this game: Build your base, explore, fight and dome amazing creatures, unlock more than 500 items and more.

Download the offline RPG game for Android, Crashlands

Some Final Fantasy Games

[Price: Various]

While the vast majority of Square Enix games require an online check each time you open them, there are still some Final Fantasy titles that can be played offline. As in the case of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IV, for example. The Final Fantasy franchise lacks any presentation, and all games offer engaging and deep stories, very well crafted mechanics, and great soundtracks. And since Square Enix developer changes his mind all the time about DRM protection, it’s always good to test the games within the repayment period to make sure they work without the internet.

Download the RPG offline game for Android, Final Fantasy IV


[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

SoulCraft is an exciting action RPG game that can be played without internet. In this 3D game, you will play as an angel (and future as a demon or human) and your mission will be to fight to keep the cycle of life intact. There are several dungeons to explore, five different game modes and various weapons, items, equipment and special spells. The game brings good graphics, frantic action and is updated frequently, implementing several improvements and news since its launch. If you enjoy action RPGs from start to finish, this is the game you are looking for!

Download RPG offline game for Android, SoulCraft

Beamdog Games

Beamdog Games

[Price: R $ 33,99 each]

Developer Beamdog currently has four offline RPG games launched in its Google Play catalog. These are Baldur’s Gate I & II, Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale, all of which are improved re-readings of their respective hit versions initially released to the PC in the early 2000s. It is good to make it clear that due to the high degree of complexity and depth, these titles may not be a good idea for those looking for something more light and casual. And that too they can be better enjoyed on devices with a larger screen like tablets. Anyone who is a fan of this type of game will surely love it!

 Download the offline RPGs for Android from Beamdog developer

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