5 Best Free Offline Games for Android 2018

5 Best Free Offline Games for Android 2018

Offline games, which do not need an internet connection to play, have become quite a must-have in the mobile gaming world. The main reason for many is that it is not always that one has an internet connection available. And also that in some cases, the connection to the internet is not something essential for the operation of many games. It is required more for security reasons and monetization of the same. But today, we can find great free games that work without internet. So here we put together a list of the best free offline games for Android 2018, check it out!

Asphalt 8: Airborne


Asphalt 8: Airborne is a classic and refreshed free offline racing game for Android. In it, you can ride the dream cars and motorcycles and perform spectacular aerial maneuvers on arcade-style tracks located around the world. The 3D graphics are spectacular, worthy of consoles, and the customizable controls are beautifully translated to the touch screen. There are over 190 cars and bikes from major world brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini and more, waiting for you. This game also has some features online, but much of it can be played without internet.

Download the free offline game for Android, Asphalt 8: Airborne


Eternium is a fun RPG free offline game constantly updated and very well rated by its players. In this action RPG, you can play with three types of characters, warrior, mage or mercenary, to fight zombies, skeletons, demons, aliens, dragons and more, in three different worlds. You can upgrade your equipment on three levels: rare, epic and legendary. There are several types of special attack abilities, such as Shockwave, Swirl, Blizzard and more, and each heroic class has more than 20 different abilities. A great free offline RPG!

Download the free offline game for Android, Eternium 

SoulCraft – Action RPG

SoulCraft is an amazing free offline action RPG for Android with beautiful graphics. Here you will be an angel and your mission will be, after a pact between angels and demons, prevent humanity from reaching eternal life, protecting the natural cycle of life. The battlefield has local real-world scenarios such as New York, Rome, Venice, Egypt, and Rome. There are several different game modes, and you can plunder and use various weapons, items, equipment, spells, and more. The game also offers fights against epic bosses and developers promise to soon implement the possibility of playing as a demon or human.

Download free offline game for Android, SoulCraft

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is a popular and award winning free online infinity racing game for Android. In this minimalist game based on snowboarding, your mission will be to traverse Alpine hills, abandoned ruins and snow-filled forests while you rescue fugitive llamas. The entire route is randomly generated, and there are also great dynamic climatic variations to make things even more interesting. In addition to High, there are five more playable characters, each with its own unique characteristics and special abilities. The controls are simple and the gameplay is quite challenging and addictive.

Download the free offline game for Android, Alto’s Adventure

Yodo1 Games Dev Games

5 Best Free Offline Games for Android 2018

Yodo1 Games is a developer well known for its excellent casual mobile games. Crossy Road, Rodeo Stampede, both infinite racing games, Rooms of Doom, Pac-Man 256, Looty Dungeon and more are part of the developer’s game library. Most titles are offline and free with in-app purchases. They are games with designs and casual mechanics very similar, bringing square characters cute, colorful and quite charismatic. You can either go to the official developer’s homepage on Google Play or search the game for the names of the games to find them.

Download free android games for Android from Yodo1 Games

This is our list of the best free offline games for Android but, as always, feel free to point to your favorite free games for Android that do not need internet in our comments!

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